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Easter Yoga Escape March 2018 

Five days, six nights of total relaxation, rejuvenation and reconnecting with yourself in lush healing settings. Refresh your body, mind and spirit. Let go, reggae flow in the Caribbean with a totally chilled beautiful journey of yoga and self discovery.

Connect with nature and local culture in Karibu Garden with daily yoga lessons held outdoors in the wooden yoga dome communal area overlooking lush tropical plants one minute on foot from the white sandy beaches of the south coast. From beginner to advanced students, this retreat is suitable for all levels and will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and alive, refreshed and renewed.

Yoga retreat classes will include Hatha as a foundation, Vinyassa, Yin, SUP Yoga, meditation and some elements of Kundalini.

The Karibu yoga experience and retreat will offer you small group intimacy in chilled, tranquil settings in comfortable, artistic and unique accommodations

Meet yoga retreat founder and yoga instructor Katerina Tsiplacis

Katerina Tsiplacis is a British half Greek ex-island girl having previously lived on the beautiful island of Barbados for four years. Previously working within the corporate world and traveling around the Caribbean and Americas, she realized that this wasn't her direction in life. However, meeting so many interesting individuals, this experience proved to be life changing. From discussing meditation yoga and with politicians and ambassadors to deepening her yoga practice, spending time in Trinidad with Hindu gurus, to meditation with the Rastas, she truly found herself and the true soulful side of the Caribbean. Nature, grounded and whole, she integrated this as a total way of life and decided to take a leap of faith and left the business world to teach.  
Completing her RYT 200 (Semperviva) Kate specializes in yoga for surfers, but also teaches yoga to all levels to a wide variety of individuals from complete beginners to advanced. It's all about connecting within and feeling wonderful.
Kate teaches Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin based yoga practice, more Vinyasa focused and moving fluidly with the breath and creating a flow both inward and outward experience which will leave you refreshed and relaxed and as Kate says, give you that Greek island feeling blended with the Caribbean.  Kate is also one of the few instructors to have also qualified In SUP specific yoga and a SUP paddle yoga session will be included in your itinerary! Take a look a video of her teaching SUP last summer in Galicia, Spain for Artsurf (RipCurl):
 We will enable the Caribbean and its magic to truly relax you internally and externally to steer you into letting go and to simply take you to another level.

Breathe, flow. Let it go.


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Robert (Arius Blood)

Barbados native Robert was formally trained in Kriya Yoga and travelled to India to deepen his practice in 2011 and was subsequently initiated in 2012.  He has also studied in neibouring Trinidad and Tobago under the leadership of the Honorable Selwyn Bhajan. Robert enjoys a peaceful life combining nature and yoga. He has studied the medicinal properties in plants and can assist in riding the human body of many toxins and assist healing. His incredibly calm, compassionate energy along with positivity shines through. 

We are honored that Robert will be guiding you through some wonderful evening meditation under the stars including pranayama and yin yoga sessions to ensure that you feel deeply relaxed and enjoy a peaceful nights sleep at Karibu.